Not WordPress? Nope - we're trying Ghost!

Ghost is an extremely lightweight and easy-to-use blogging platform, and for Snapt, a hosted one. You can learn more about it on their website.

So why not something else?

It's probably easier to answer why not something else. In the past we've used various CMS/blog platforms for our website. From WordPress to Drupal, we've tried/experimented with them all.


Ultimately, it always wound up having a huge amount of bloat we didn't want. We wound up going with the excellent OctoberCMS for our website - allowing us full control and the ability to write PHP code, in Laravel, but in a CMS with access control and plugins etc.

Ease of Use

That left us needing a blog, and OctoberCMS has many blog plugins. However, they come with a lot of bloat, and mean people who typically don't have access to the website backend would now need. It's also not "that" easy to use.

Ghost is very similar to Medium for editors, and extremely easy to use and edit in. I far prefer writing in Ghost to WordPress.

Ease of Management

We use Ghost as a hosted service. Zero effort from us, which is something I try to spend a lot of time on at Snapt - ensuring we invest our time where we can have maximum impact.

Our Ghost

Our Ghost is a paid plan from, costs $79/month (although you can start at $29) and is easily usable by our entire team - developers, marketing, CRM, CST, etc.