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Snapt Attains VMware Partner Ready for VMware Cloud on AWS Validation

By using Snapt within a VMware Cloud on AWS environment, businesses can improve the security of data, servers, and performance of services while reducing TCO.

Upgrading Your Snapt License

Snapt comes in two flavors, Standard and Enterprise. Upgrading from a Standard license to an Enterprise license has many benefits.

Installing Snapt on VMware: Your first install

It's extremely easy to get Snapt up and running on VMware. This guide will talk about ESXi installations, but Snapt can be run on any VMware platform.

Looking at performance and health in the Live Monitor

The next few weeks will see an update to the Balancer roll out with an updated Live Monitor module, as seen below.

Snapt Framework release 9.7

We are proud to announce the release of version 9.7 of the Snapt Framework. Included in this update are:

Exploring Snapt: editing groups

Exploring Snapt is a recurring series of Snapt blog posts that looks at highlighted features of the product. For more, please see the Exploring Snapt category.

After using the Create a load balancer wizard, you may want to tweak certain settings within your group. We'll be using the HTTP wizard in this example.

Exploring Snapt: monitoring HTTP replies

Exploring Snapt is a recurring series of Snapt blog posts that looks at highlighted features of the product.

Snapt monitors all of the responses that go back to your clients, in great detail. We do this primarily to measure performance and prevent errors, but it can be extremely useful when debugging servers as well.

We will highlight some of the nifty features and tips and tricks available for observing HTTP responses, performance metrics and more here.

Advanced ADC & Load Balancing in DigitalOcean

Snapt images can be imported and run within DigitalOcean. This involves uploading our qcow2 image, and then launching a droplet with it. After  installation you manage the ADC via the normal web portal as you would expect.

What is a load balancer in 60 seconds

Always online, always secure, always fast with the Snapt ADC, your software-only solution to load balancing, web acceleration and application firewalling.

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