Testing your website's speed, security and SEO readiness

There are so many business reasons you need to worry about your websites speed, security and optimizations. To list a few:

Understanding Denial of Service (DoS) and how Snapt helps

Dave Blakey recently stated in another blog post (CDNs vs ADCs: What are the differences?) that “No on-premise ADC can truly prevent a DDoS attack!” and he’s exactly right, but what is a DDoS attack and how does it differ from a DoS attack?

CDNs vs ADCs: What are the differences?

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) have many similarities, and many differences. We are often asked about various CDNs and how they work with or compete with the Snapt ADC, and we'll try to discuss the primary differences between a service like Cloudflare and one like Snapt.

WordPress with SSL termination

Supporting SSL termination with WordPress can require some modifications. This guide will help you to quickly get set up, allowing you to have the Snapt Balancer or Snapt Accelerator offload your SSL requests, and use plain text to your webservers.

Supporting SSL Termination in Laravel

Like many of our clients, we use the Laravel framework extensively at Snapt. Laravel 5.5 includes support for SSL termination (e.g. the Snapt Web Accelerator) in the base package, making it easier than ever to support SSL offloading.

Getting an A+ SSL Rating with Snapt

The Qualys SSL Labs Test is well known as a benchmark to test the security and rigidity of your  HTTPS website set-up. You want to see an A or A+ rating, indicating your  SSL server is set up to be secure, functional and has no known vulnerabilities.

Get an A+ SSL Rating for Nginx

The Snapt Accelerator is built on Nginx, so Nginx SSL security is something we are very familiar with. If you'd like to try the full Accelerator package, please get a trial from the website.

This is a guide on how to ensure you have the best SSL set-up and get your own A+ rating! This guide will favor getting it done over explaining the intricacies of what you are doing in an effort to help the most users.

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