Snapt's official Azure Marketplace launch

Snapt is proud to announce the availability of it's official Azure Marketplace image. You can launch the Snapt VM directly into your Azure environment and use the leading Application Delivery Controller with your Azure servers.

Snapt on AWS Startups on Air

We spent some time chatting to the @AWSstartups team on Periscope about what we're building and what Snapt offers to DevOps teams around the world.

Supporting SSL Termination in Laravel

Like many of our clients, we use the Laravel framework extensively at Snapt. Laravel 5.5 includes support for SSL termination (e.g. the Snapt Web Accelerator) in the base package, making it easier than ever to support SSL offloading.

HAProxy User Interface (UI) - Supercharge it!

In short, Snapt for HAProxy levels up the popular open source load balancer. It adds a full management, reporting and visibility framework to the product.

Snapt & Red Hat Podcast: Performing in DevOps and container environments

Join Dave Blakey, CEO at Snapt, as he introduces his company, their  focus on containers, and trends they are seeing in the application  delivery market.

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