What to look for in a Next-Gen Software Load Balancer

Your company is growing, and that’s great, but network performance is suffering under the additional load. You’re hearing from the higher-ups that downtime numbers are unacceptable, and site load speed is costing you customers. The pressure is on to take control of these performance issues and implement a cost-effective load balancing solution that will scale with your company’s needs.

Snapt on AWS Startups on Air

We spent some time chatting to the @AWSstartups team on Periscope about what we're building and what Snapt offers to DevOps teams around the world.

5 Reasons to Use a Software Load Balancer

Today, computer and internet usage are at an all-time high, and reliable performance is demanded and critical for businesses of all sizes. To increase the speed of system loading, decrease downtime, and eliminate single points of failure, load balancing is the answer.

7 Ways Cloud Computing Is Revolutionizing Modern Business

Cloud computing is transforming the way business is conducted around the world. Easily accessible, fast and always on, the cloud is levelling the playing field for small businesses in a wide range of industries. If you're thinking of implementing cloud-based software and technologies within your organization, there are seven very clear reasons why doing so makes sound business sense.

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