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How to: Publishing an Azure Image

Grant Duke
January 9, 2019 at 9:00 AM

Microsoft Azure serves 85% of Fortune 500 Companies, more than 100 data centers worldwide, and spans 140 countries. It gives any organization a cutting edge in reaching customers all over the globe through its platform.

Since Snapt’s inception in 2012, we have believed that the future of network infrastructure will be virtualized and in the cloud.

As we constantly look to maximize opportunity for new, and existing, customers moving to the cloud, the decision to create an Azure Image was simple.

This guide will take you through the process of how we got our first image listed and how you can too.

We started off with a vanilla Ubuntu distribution on Azure and our product and the development team created a once off script that configured the OS with all the correct settings, installed the packages needed and applied the correct configuration.

Once complete, we then needed to validate that our Azure VM was ready to be provisioned as an image for the Azure Marketplace.

The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Deprovision the VM

This step removes all the temporary files, user account information and switches off the VM for the following steps and processes.

Step 2: Create a VM image

By making use of the Azure CLI, we then keyed in a few commands that generalized the VM as well as captured the image.

Step 3: Create a VM from the Captured image

All the CLI command and steps from Microsoft can be accessed here.

We then deployed a VM from the captured image. This image was then submitted through the Azure Certification Tool which performed additional tests to ensure that the image was safe to use of the Azure Marketplace.

After this step, a questionnaire needed to be filled in with details regarding the publication and once completed, we received our certificate.



Step 4: Submitting your image

The final step was to submit our image to the Azure Marketplace. This can be done from the partner account section.
We simply had to create a new offer and fill in the required information.

Once submitted Microsoft did final round of tests. They the notified us about passing the validation steps and allowed us the chance to test drive our offering before setting it live.

Four steps and the opportunity to allow customers to deploy into any environment that fits their needs and requirements.
Want to download Snapt’s Azure Image? You can find it on the Marketplace here.

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